Top 52 Best Places To Visit In Ahmedabad

May 28, 2024

Best Places To Visit In Ahmedabad : Ahmedabad, a bustling urban hub, a thriving educational center, and a historical textile hub, stands as a prominent destination within Gujarat. Renowned for its rich heritage and vibrant past, Ahmedabad draws in numerous visitors with diverse interests. The city’s attractions encompass magnificent temples, elegant mosques, captivating museums, serene lakes, tranquil riverfronts, and echoes of Gandhi’s legacy. Amidst the plethora of tourist spots in Ahmedabad, selecting your top four or five (depending on your timeframe) ensures an enriching experience.

1. Sabarmati Ashram

The tranquility and calmness of Sabarmati Ashram in Ahmedabad is unmatched

Nestled serenely along the banks of the Sabarmati River, Sabarmati Ashram stands as a haven of tranquility and reflection. Also known as Gandhi Ashram, Harijan Ashram, and Satyagraha Ashram, it was established by Mahatma Gandhi upon his return from South Africa in 1915. Gandhi envisioned it as a center for endeavors in agriculture, animal husbandry, and the promotion of khadi (homespun cloth).

Today, Sabarmati Ashram remains a pivotal destination in Ahmedabad, drawing both Indian and international visitors seeking insights into Gandhi’s life, principles, and the struggles and triumphs of India’s journey to independence. As one of the premier ashrams in Ahmedabad, it offers a poignant glimpse into the legacy of the Mahatma.

2. Jama Masjid

The beauty of Jama Masjid makes it one of the spectacular tourist places in Ahmedabad

Constructed in 1424 by Sultan Ahmed Shah I, Jama Masjid stands as an architectural marvel in Ahmedabad, its allure rivaling that of its namesake in Delhi. A visit to this mosque is an indispensable part of any Ahmedabad sightseeing itinerary. Also referred to as Jami or Jumma Masjid, it graces the landscape adjacent to Bhadra Fort, along the thoroughfare stretching from Teen Darwaza to Manek Chowk.

Renowned for its grandeur and intricate design, Jama Masjid is hailed as the epitome of mosque architecture in western India. Its imposing presence and breathtaking aesthetics position it among the foremost attractions in Ahmedabad, drawing admirers from far and wide.

3. ISKCON Temple

The Iskcon Temple in Ahmedabad is full of charisma and divine aura

Nestled within a vast expanse of lush greenery spanning 4 acres, the enchanting ISKCON temple, affectionately known as Hare Krishna Mandir, seamlessly blends the architectural styles of Gujarat Sompura and Rajasthani Khamira. This architectural fusion creates a visually captivating spectacle that distinguishes it as one of Ahmedabad’s premier attractions.

Dedicated to the divine couple, Krishna and Radha, the temple complex also houses effigies of numerous Hindu deities, enriching its spiritual ambiance. Drawing crowds of devotees and visitors alike, the temple resonates with the melodious chants of ‘Hare Rama Hare Krishna,’ infusing the surroundings with a sense of vitality and purity.

Beyond its spiritual significance, the temple’s intricate design, adorned walls, and serene prayer chambers showcase unparalleled craftsmanship. The rhythmic rituals of morning and evening aarti further enhance the immersive experience, making a visit to ISKCON temple an unforgettable journey into divine tranquility.

4. Swaminarayan Temple

Swaminarayan Temple in Ahmedabad is magnificent in its architecture

The Swaminarayan Temple in Ahmedabad stands as a magnificent testament to modern India’s architectural prowess. Its ivory-white structures, awe-inspiring designs, and intricate motifs collectively render it a pivotal marvel. As one of Ahmedabad’s premier attractions, the temple encapsulates the essence of Indian heritage and ethos. Its meticulously organized surroundings add to its allure. Renowned for its splendid architecture and meticulous detailing, this temple serves as the inaugural masterpiece among the Swaminarayan Temples worldwide, earning its place among Ahmedabad’s finest architectural gems.

5. Bhadra Fort

The stunning facade of Bhadra Fort - one of the best heritage tourist places in Ahmedabad

Constructed under the reign of Sultan Ahmad Shah I in 1411, the Bhadra Fort stands as a cornerstone of Ahmedabad’s historical allure. This regal stronghold beckons visitors with its majestic palace, verdant courtyards, and the revered Bhadra Kali Temple. Legend has it that Goddess Lakshmi graced the fort with her presence, bestowing blessings upon the Sultan for perpetual prosperity. Even today, whispers persist of concealed treasures nestled within the fort’s depths, adding an irresistible mystique to this must-see destination in Ahmedabad.

6. Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel National Museum

Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel National Museum is one of the most visited tourist places in Ahmedabad

Nestled within the heart of Ahmedabad’s Shahibaug district lies the illustrious Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel National Museum, ensconced within the historic confines of Moti Shahi Mahal. Originally erected between 1618 and 1622 as a British Cantonment, this architectural gem transitioned into the official residence of serving Governors post-independence. In 1978, under the stewardship of Shri Babubhai Jashbhai Patel, the then Chief Minister of Gujarat, this cultural bastion emerged, showcasing a treasure trove of artifacts and mementos belonging to the revered Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. Through its meticulously curated archives, the museum pays homage to the life and legacy of this beloved national icon, making it a premier destination among Ahmedabad’s cultural landmarks.

7. Calico Museum Of Textiles

Calico Museum of Textiles, Ahmedabad

Adding to Ahmedabad’s allure as a cultural hub, the Calico Museum of Textiles stands as a cherished destination for enthusiasts and tourists alike. Under the stewardship of the Sarabhai Foundation, this venerable institution ranks among the oldest textile museums nationwide, holding a distinguished status among Ahmedabad’s premier attractions. Within its hallowed halls lie an unparalleled array of textile treasures, showcasing diverse fabrics, artifacts, and rare collections spanning the ages. From exquisite Kashmir shawls to intricate tie-and-dye creations, the museum’s curated exhibits offer a captivating journey through India’s rich textile heritage, solidifying its reputation as a must-visit destination in Ahmedabad.

8. Kankaria Zoo

Kamla Nehru Zoo Ahmedabad (Timings, Entry Fee, Safari, Images, Reviews,  Location & Contact Phone) - Ahmedabad Tourism 2023

For a delightful family outing, look no further than the Kamala Nehru Zoological Garden, a cherished destination for nature lovers and adventure seekers alike. Nestled along the scenic banks of Kankaria Lake and established in 1951, this zoological haven offers a picturesque setting to marvel at rare and endangered species of birds, mammals, and reptiles, including the majestic crocodiles and alligators. Amidst lush greenery, the thrill of spotting these magnificent creatures is complemented by strict safety measures, ensuring a worry-free experience for visitors of all ages. Pack a picnic basket, soak in the natural beauty, and embark on an unforgettable journey amidst the wild wonders of one of Ahmedabad’s most captivating tourist attractions.

9. Sanskar Kendra

Various exhibits at Sanskar Kendra - one of the top places to see in Ahmedabad

Crafted by the visionary architect Le Corbusier, the Sanskar Kendra stands as a beacon of cultural enrichment in Ahmedabad’s vibrant landscape. Situated in close proximity to the iconic Sardar Bridge, this museum offers a captivating journey through the city’s rich tapestry of history, art, culture, traditions, and architectural marvels. A visit to this esteemed institution promises a vivid glimpse into the living heritage and illustrious past of Ahmedabad. Surrounded by bustling shopping districts, the Sanskar Kendra serves as a cultural oasis amidst the city’s commercial bustle, making it a must-visit destination for those seeking to immerse themselves in Ahmedabad’s timeless charm.

10. Vechaar Utensils Museum

Various utensils of different ages at display in Vechaar Utensils Museum in Ahmedabad

The Vechaar Utensils Museum stands as a one-of-a-kind treasure trove, offering a captivating glimpse into centuries of culinary history. Its distinguished collection, comprising over 4,500 meticulously curated utensils and pots sourced from across the nation, serves as a testament to India’s rich culinary heritage. Established in 1981, this esteemed museum ranks among Ahmedabad’s premier tourist attractions, dedicated to preserving the evolution of Indian utensils through the ages. Step inside and embark on a fascinating journey through time, as each artifact narrates a unique story of craftsmanship and tradition, making it a must-visit destination for aficionados of culture and culinary arts alike.

11. Auto World Vintage Car Museum

A rare vintage car at display in Auto World Vintage Car Museum in Ahmedabad

Situated in Ahmedabad’s Kathwada district, Auto World stands as a sanctuary for vintage automobile enthusiasts. This esteemed museum ranks among Ahmedabad’s top tourist destinations, showcasing an extraordinary array of antique vehicles, ranging from cars and motorcycles to utility vehicles and buggies sourced from around the globe. Each impeccably preserved vintage boasts a rich history and rarity that captivates visitors, drawing admiration for their enduring heritage. Surrounded by some of Ahmedabad’s finest adventure spots, Auto World offers a perfect blend of historical fascination and contemporary excitement, making it an essential stop for travelers seeking an unforgettable experience in the city.

12. Rani No Hajiro

D'source Design Gallery on Rani no Hajiro - Markets in Ahmedabad | D'source  Digital Online Learning Environment for Design: Courses, Resources, Case  Studies, Galleries, Videos

The Hajiro serves as a sacred resting place for the esteemed queens of Gujarat, under the Mughal Empire’s influence. Situated near Manek Chowk, this tomb complex holds significant appeal as one of Ahmedabad’s cherished tourist destinations. Nestled adjacent to the bustling Badshah na Hajiro, the Queens’ Tomb exudes an aura of tranquility, offering respite from the city’s hustle and bustle. Amidst the serene ambiance, visitors can pay homage to the royal lineage of Gujarat, immersing themselves in the rich history and solemn beauty of this revered site.

13. Nagina Wadi

Nagina Wadi, Ahmedabad: How To Reach, Best Time & Tips

Nagina Wadi stands as a delightful gem among Ahmedabad’s tourist hotspots, offering a picturesque blend of natural beauty and recreational fun. Situated amidst the scenic splendor of Kankaria Lake, this garden-themed amusement area beckons visitors with its enchanting allure. Accessible via a charming tree-lined pathway that meanders along the lake’s edge, Nagina Wadi invites guests to immerse themselves in its serene ambiance. Indulge in a culinary adventure at the numerous food stalls dotting the area, serving up delectable street food delights synonymous with Ahmedabad’s culinary culture. Whether enjoying a family outing or cherishing quiet moments with loved ones, Nagina Wadi promises an unforgettable experience amidst nature’s embrace.

14. Sarkhej Roza

Sarkhej Rosa is one of the best architectural wonders in Ahmedabad

Nestled in the heart of Ahmedabad lies the captivating Sarkhej Roza, a splendid fusion of tomb and mosque complex situated in the Makaraba area. Renowned for its breathtaking architecture, this site stands as one of the city’s most alluring attractions, showcasing the exquisite Islamic style reminiscent of the Mughal era. Often likened to Ahmedabad’s own Acropolis, Sarkhej Roza has earned praise from architectural luminaries such as Le Corbusier, who drew parallels between its design and the iconic Acropolis of Athens. Embark on a journey through history and marvel at the timeless beauty of this architectural marvel, a testament to Ahmedabad’s rich cultural heritage.

15. Vastrapur Lake

Vastrapur Lake - A man-made beauty in Ahmedabad

Situated on the city’s western fringe, Vastrapur Lake, under the careful stewardship of the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation, stands as a testament to man’s harmonious interaction with nature. This picturesque oasis ranks among Ahmedabad’s most breathtaking sights, drawing visitors with its tranquil beauty. A beloved destination for families seeking quality time together, Vastrapur Lake offers the perfect setting to unwind amidst serene waters. Whether embarking on a leisurely boat ride or simply basking in the company of loved ones, this man-made marvel promises a rejuvenating escape from the bustle of urban life.

16. Parimal Garden

Ahmedabad's Parimal Garden offers a poignant reflection of the city since  the 1950s | Architectural Digest India

Nestled along Parimal Cross Road in Ambavadi, this charming garden graces the heart of Ahmedabad with its exquisite landscaping and meticulous upkeep. A haven for children and adults alike, it boasts an array of amenities including swings, stone benches, and scenic walking trails, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in its natural splendor. Serving as a hub for morning walks, evening strolls, and joyful picnics with the little ones, this garden also accommodates the elderly with its regular laughing clubs, fostering a sense of community and well-being for all who wander within its verdant embrace.

17. Sidi Saiyyed Mosque

Premium Photo | Sidi Saiyyed Jali Mosque Ahmedabad

Known as the Sidi Saiyyed Mosque, this exquisite architectural marvel dates back to 1573, earning its place as one of Ahmedabad’s most revered mosques. Its stunning design has captivated visitors worldwide, drawing in an increasing number of admirers each year. A beloved destination for history enthusiasts, art aficionados, and photographers alike, it stands as a testament to the city’s rich cultural heritage. Originally attributed to Sidi Saiyyed, a member of Shams-Ud-Din Muzaffar Shah III’s army, the mosque showcases intricate stone lattice work windows, known as Jaalis, and intricately carved stone slabs mimicking intertwined trees and palm foliage. Today, under the vigilant care of the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI), this mosque continues to inspire awe and reverence among all who behold its timeless beauty.

18. Hathisingh Jain Temple

Hathisingh Jain Temple in Ahmedabad

This temple pays homage to Dharmanath, the esteemed 15th Tirthankara of Jainism, and stands as one of Gujarat’s premier Jain temples. Adorned in pristine white marble, it exudes an aura of serenity and grace, inviting worshippers to find solace within its hallowed halls. Beyond its striking white facade, the temple features a tiled courtyard, adding a distinctive touch to its architectural splendor. Surrounding this courtyard are rows of pergolas housing 52 shrines, each adorned with breathtaking designs and intricate carvings. Named in honor of Sri Hathee Singh, this architectural marvel is crafted in the revered style of the Dilwara Jain Temples of Rajasthan, further enhancing its spiritual and aesthetic significance.

19. Jhulta Minar

Jhulta Minar in Ahmedabad

The Jhulta Minar stands as an enigmatic architectural marvel, captivating not only the imagination of Gujarat but also attracting intrigue from across the globe. What draws visitors to this site is the enduring mystery that shrouds it — when one minaret is swayed, the others respond in kind within moments, despite no apparent connection transmitting the vibrations. Beyond this perplexing phenomenon, the minarets are renowned for their striking architecture and intricate carvings, further adding to their allure and mystique. A visit to this site promises not only a glimpse into the craftsmanship of yesteryears but also an opportunity to ponder the mysteries that continue to perplex even the most astute observers.

20. Law Garden Night Market

Law Garden Night Market in Ahmedabad

Adjacent to the renowned Law Garden in Ahmedabad lies a bustling array of stalls and shops, offering a treasure trove of traditional Gujarati treasures. From exquisite wall hangings and vibrant bandhej sarees to antique ornaments and jewelry, along with colorful chaniyas and more, this vibrant market caters to every shopper’s delight. Renowned for its affordability, visitors can indulge in the splendor of Gujarati craftsmanship without breaking the bank, making it a beloved destination for shopaholics exploring the city.

21. Manek Chowk

Manek Chowk - Ahmedabad - Connecting Traveller

Nestled within the historic heart of Old Ahmedabad, Manek Chowk emerges as a vibrant city square steeped in tradition and commerce. From dawn till dusk, this bustling hub transforms to fulfill diverse roles — bustling with the energy of a vegetable market in the morning, evolving into a lively bullion market by afternoon, and culminating as a joyous street food haven come evening. Renowned as one of India’s largest and busiest markets, it offers a haven for shopaholics seeking retail therapy amidst a myriad of offerings. Beyond its commercial appeal, Manek Chowk serves as a convivial gathering place for friends and families to unwind and savor the vibrant pulse of Ahmedabad’s cultural tapestry.

22. Lal Darwaza

D'source Design Gallery on Lal Darwaja - Markets in Ahmedabad | D'source  Digital Online Learning Environment for Design: Courses, Resources, Case  Studies, Galleries, Videos

Lal Darwaza stands as a bustling marketplace in Ahmedabad, renowned for its vibrant atmosphere and diverse offerings. Crowded with hawkers peddling everything from clothing to electronics, it remains a favorite destination among locals and visitors alike. A haven for skilled bargainers, this market offers ample opportunities to haggle for the best deals, alongside indulging in delectable street food delights such as pani puri, samosas, dhoklas, paan, dosas, and more. However, amidst the hustle and bustle, it’s essential to tread carefully, avoiding excessive bargaining or conflicts that could lead to unwelcome trouble in this lively spot.

23. Alpha One Mall

Alpha One Mall Ahmedabad | Shopping Malls in Ahmedabad

Alpha One Mall stands out from other malls in Ahmedabad, serving as a surprising yet delightful addition to the city’s list of premier tourist attractions. Spanning a sprawling 706,000 square feet in the bustling Vastrapur area, it reigns as Ahmedabad’s largest retail destination. Offering a diverse array of national and international branded merchandise, along with entertainment options like a movieplex and an expansive food court, it caters to every visitor’s desires. Whether shopping for the latest trends, catching a film, or indulging in a culinary adventure, Alpha One Mall provides an all-encompassing experience that promises a memorable day out with family.

24. Adalaj Step Well

Adalaj Step Well in Ahmedabad

Originally conceived to address water scarcity in the Adalaj village and its vicinity, the iconic Adalaj Stepwell stands as a testament to Ahmedabad’s architectural splendor. Located just 4 kilometers southwest of Gandhinagar, this marvel was erected in 1498 to facilitate access to groundwater for local communities. The structure itself serves as a remarkable showcase of the ingenuity and craftsmanship of ancient engineers and architects. Upon entering, visitors are greeted by a sudden yet refreshing drop in temperature, setting the stage for a tranquil exploration of intricately carved motifs and designs. Immerse yourself in the serenity within, marveling at the detailed carvings before emerging back into the world outside.

25. Gujarat Science City

Gujarat Science City in Ahmedabad

Nestled along Science City Road in Ahmedabad, Gujarat Science City stands as a commendable endeavor spearheaded by the Government of Gujarat. Serving as a beacon of scientific exploration and education, this establishment aims to foster a culture of scientific curiosity and awareness among India’s youth. Spanning an expansive 107 hectares of land, it serves as a hub for interactive learning and engagement, hosting regular talk shows and workshops tailored for students and science enthusiasts alike. Through its diverse array of programs and initiatives, Gujarat Science City invites visitors to embark on a journey of discovery, igniting a passion for science and innovation that transcends boundaries.

26. Dada Hari Vav

stepwell in ahmedabad

Dada Hari Vav stands as a mesmerizing stepwell in Ahmedabad, beckoning with its captivating allure. Adorned with intricate carvings and stunning architecture from a bygone era, it leaves visitors in awe. Offering a refreshing respite from the sweltering summer heat, the stepwell’s cool ambience remains constant, regardless of external temperatures. A haven for photography enthusiasts, it provides endless opportunities to capture its timeless beauty from every angle. Whether seeking solace, marveling at its craftsmanship, or capturing its essence through the lens, Dada Hari Vav promises a memorable escape into history and artistry.

27. Vaishnodevi Temple

Vaishnodevi Temple ahmedabad

Indeed, Ahmedabad boasts its own version of the revered Vaishnodevi Temple! Nestled along the Sarkhej-Gandhinagar Highway Road, this temple is an exquisite replica of its famed counterpart in Jammu and Kashmir. Drawing thousands of devotees and pilgrims each year, it owes its popularity to both its serene surroundings and divine presence. What sets it apart is its accessibility, allowing visitors to experience its spiritual ambiance in just a couple of hours, making it a convenient yet fulfilling pilgrimage destination.

28. Patang Kite Museum

patang museum ahmedabad

Ahmedabad proudly hosts a unique gem: the Kite Museum, a testament to the city’s rich kite-flying tradition. Housed within Sanskar Kendra in Paldi, Patang Museum showcases a kaleidoscope of colorful kites, each telling its own vibrant story. From intricate mirror-work to captivating block prints and even exquisite Japanese designs, the museum offers a delightful journey through the art and culture of kite-making. A visit here is not just a trip down memory lane to cherished childhood moments, but also an immersion into Ahmedabad’s enduring tradition of kite-flying, a practice that continues to be celebrated with joy and fervor during festivals and special occasions.

29. Lothal

lothal ahmedabad

While slightly removed from the city center, Lothal demands exploration for its historical significance. This renowned Indus Valley site rests along the banks of the ancient Saraswati River, offering a poignant connection between bygone eras and our present. Delve into the vibrant narratives of the people who once called this place home, unraveling the mysteries of their lives and legacies. A visit to Lothal promises an enriching experience, particularly for history enthusiasts eager to delve into the fascinating tapestry of our past.

30. Sabarmati Riverfront

sabarmati riverfront

As you navigate Ahmedabad’s sights, you’ll often find yourself traversing the Sabarmati Riverfront, a charming oasis within the city. Here, you can steal a moment to unwind and immerse yourself in the tranquil ambiance, gazing upon the gentle flow of the river. The evening casts a magical spell over this place, making it an ideal time to visit. Surrounding the riverfront, lush green promenades, serene parks, and inviting plazas offer idyllic spots for visitors to recline and savor the moment, creating an atmosphere of relaxation and enjoyment for all who wander its pathways.

31. Banascraft

Banascraft, Ahmedabad: How To Reach, Best Time & Tips

Banascraft stands as one of Ahmedabad’s premier boutiques, renowned for its extensive collection of handmade treasures. A majority of the goods showcased here are meticulously crafted by hand and directly sourced from SEWA, a celebrated women’s cooperative society in Gujarat. A visit to Banascraft promises a delightful shopping experience, offering a diverse array of items including tote bags, purses, wall hangings, cushion covers, door panels, and more. Don’t miss the chance to procure these exquisite handmade creations as gifts for your loved ones back home.

32. Lalbhai Dalpatbhai Museum

Lalbhai Dalpatbhai Museum

The L.D Museum serves as a treasure trove of Indian art and artifacts, housing a diverse array of sculptures, bronzes, manuscripts, paintings, drawings, miniature paintings, woodwork, beadwork, and ancient and contemporary coins. Each item within its collection weaves a narrative of India’s rich history and expansive heritage, offering visitors a captivating glimpse into the country’s cultural tapestry. Established in 1984, the museum owes its existence to the visionary monk scholar Muni Punyavijayaji and the renowned industrialist Sheth Kasturbhai Lalbhai. Among its notable highlights are the exquisite Gujarati Jaina Style paintings, some of which predate the Mughal period, showcasing the enduring legacy of Gujarat’s artistic tradition.

33. Dada Bhagwan Temple

Dada Bhagwan Temple ahmedabad

The Dada Bhagwan Temple, also known as the Adalaj Trimandir, is nestled in the tranquil village of Adalaj along the Ahmedabad-Kalol highway, about 20 kilometers from Ahmedabad. This serene temple is a must-visit for those in search of peace and tranquility during their tour. Established by the Dada Bhagwan Foundation, the temple introduces a unique religious concept by placing idols of deities from various religions on a single platform, a feature that consistently captivates visitors.

34. Kankaria Lake

Kankaria Lake Development Project restores iconic Lake to its grandeur

Kankaria Lake, the second largest lake in Ahmedabad, was originally known as Hauz-e-Qutub and dates back to the 15th century. It underwent significant revitalization in 2008 and now offers a variety of family-friendly activities such as balloon safaris, a zoo, toy trains, and an amusement park. This lake area serves as a comprehensive entertainment hub for families with children and stands as one of Ahmedabad’s most notable attractions. For those seeking tranquility, the beautiful park surrounding the lake provides the perfect setting for a leisurely stroll.

35. Ahmedabad One Mall

showrooms inside a mall

This mall, the largest in Ahmedabad, quickly gained popularity since its opening in 2011. Originally named Alpha One, it has since been rebranded as Ahmedabad One. It has become one of the most renowned destinations in the city, attracting both tourists and locals. Today, Ahmedabad One is recognized as one of the top places to visit in Ahmedabad.

36. Nehru Bridge

vehicles running on a bridge upon a river

This expansive bridge is one of Ahmedabad’s most remarkable landmarks and a top attraction in the city. Spanning the Sabarmati River, it connects the western part of the city with the historic Kot Vistar area. Dedicated to Jawahar Lal Nehru, the bridge was inaugurated in 1962. At night, it transforms into a stunning spectacle with its beautiful lighting, making it a must-see sight in Ahmedabad.

37. Radhe Shopping Mall

Radhe Shopping Mall, Ahmedabad| Radhe Shopping Mall Photos and Timings

As one of Ahmedabad’s top destinations, this mall guarantees a satisfying shopping experience. It features a wide range of brands in clothing, accessories, footwear, and more. Additionally, the mall offers numerous eateries where you can curb your hunger while enjoying a day of shopping.

38. Sun Temple Modhera

Sun Temple Modhera

The renowned and stunning Sun Temple, dating back to the Solanki dynasty in Gujarat, stands out as one of Ahmedabad’s most exquisite attractions. Located in the tranquil village of Modhera, surrounded by blooming fields and picturesque rural scenery, this temple showcases the extraordinary craftsmanship of ancient masons and offers a glimpse into Gujarat’s Golden Age. The intricately carved temple complex, set along the banks of the Pushpavati River, enjoys a breathtaking backdrop.

39. Bhairavnath Temple

Dedicated to the Hindu deity Kal Bhairav, the Bhairavnath Temple is a venerated shrine believed to fulfill wishes and resolve life’s challenges. Situated near the Sabarmati River in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, this temple is a prominent site for both pilgrims and sightseers. Its ancient architecture draws hundreds of devotees each day, who come to pray, admire the temple’s design, and witness the unique ritual of offering liquor to the deity.

40. Gulmohar Greens Golf Club

Gulmarg Golf Course

Golfing serves as a wonderful remedy for stress, offering a respite from the relentless pace of daily life. Yet, Ahmedabad’s esteemed golf club transcends mere relaxation. It serves as a sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of urban living, providing a glimpse into the regal and opulent facets of the city. At Gulmohar Greens, one can partake in a round or two of golf amidst a range of other sports and activities, offering a refreshing break from the frenetic pace of sightseeing.

41. Ahmedabad Haat

Ahmedabad Haat

Ahmedabad Haat stands out as one of the premier destinations in Ahmedabad, offering a delightful shopping experience. It’s a treasure trove for those seeking unique Gujarat handicrafts at budget-friendly prices, boasting an extensive array of offerings. From brass and iron ware to pottery, furniture, embroidery, dhurries, and silver jewelry, you’ll find a diverse selection of items available at subsidized rates.

42. Open Air Theater

Open Air Theater Ahmedabad

Trade the conventional movie theaters for a romantic evening under the open sky at Ahmedabad’s Drive-In Cinema. This unique venue offers a glamorous cinema experience with added perks. From luxurious seating to a diverse food court, it promises an unforgettable movie night for you and your special someone. Treat your lady to a magical evening under the stars, creating memories that will last a lifetime. It’s no wonder that the Drive-In Cinema ranks among Ahmedabad’s most remarkable attractions.

43. Shreyas Folk Art Museum

Shreyas Folk Art Museum

The renowned Shreyas Folk Museum in Ahmedabad stands as a testament to women’s empowerment in Gujarat. Initiated by women, it serves as a platform for showcasing their exceptional talents and fostering independence. This unique destination is a paradise for shopaholics and tourists alike, offering a diverse range of handmade goods crafted by skilled women. Proceeds from the sales not only support the women but also contribute to their livelihoods. Moreover, the museum aspect of Shreyas Folk Museum showcases an impressive collection of artifacts, including weapons, coins, musical fountains, animal caparison, masks, and toys, offering visitors a glimpse into Gujarat’s rich cultural heritage.

44. Teen Darwaza

Teen Darwaza

A true architectural wonder, the Teen Darwaza stands out as one of Ahmedabad’s most captivating destinations, often leaving visitors in awe. Its breathtaking arched gates, among the longest and oldest in the city, are just a glimpse into its rich history and remarkable architecture. Commissioned in 141 A.D. by Ahmedabad’s founder, Sultan Ahmed Shah, this iconic gateway stands adjacent to the renowned Bhadra Fort, beckoning history buffs and architecture aficionados alike to explore its fascinating past.

45. Philatelic Museum Of Indian Stamps

Philatelic Museum Of Indian Stamps

In this city, one of the most distinctive attractions is the intriguing Philatelic Museum of Indian Stamps, showcasing an extensive collection of rare and unique Indian postage stamps. What sets this museum apart is the inclusion of stamps dating as far back as 1800 A.D., adding to its allure and peculiarity. A visit to this museum is a must for anyone in Ahmedabad, promising an exploration of history and culture through the lens of these fascinating stamps.

46. Gandhi Ashram Museum

Gandhi Ashram Museum

Nestled within the serene grounds of Sabarmati Ashram, the Gandhi Memorial Museum stands as a testament to the life and legacy of the Mahatma. Inaugurated on May 10, 1963, by India’s inaugural Prime Minister, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, this museum resides within an iconic structure crafted by the renowned architect Charles Correa. A must-visit destination in Ahmedabad, it offers three distinct galleries: the Gandhi in Ahmedabad Gallery, the Painting Gallery, and the My Life is My Message Gallery, alongside a comprehensive library. Explore the profound teachings and enduring spirit of Mahatma Gandhi in this immersive and enlightening experience.

47. Zanzari Waterfall

Zanzari Waterfalls - All You Need to Know BEFORE You Go (2024) - Tripadvisor

Nestled in a secluded and lesser-known spot, just a three-hour drive from Ahmedabad, lies a breathtaking waterfall, among the most enchanting in Gujarat. The cascading milky-white waters form a refreshing pool at its base, inviting visitors for a gentle swim to escape the heat. Its undiscovered charm ensures that only a handful of intrepid travelers and adventure seekers frequent the area during the day. Ideal for couples and families seeking tranquility, it doubles as an idyllic picnic spot, boasting stunning vistas amidst unspoiled natural beauty.

48. Splash The Fun World

Water Park in Ahmedabad: Amusement Park, Timings, Entry Fee

For an enjoyable afternoon outing with friends and family, look no further than Splash The Fun World. Highly recommended for a spontaneous weekend getaway, it promises a day filled with excitement. Simply pack your swimsuit, sunscreen, and set off to indulge in thrilling rides and a delightful brunch. Easily accessible by car or bus, this destination offers affordable family tickets, ensuring a budget-friendly experience for all.

49. Shanku’s Water Park

Shankus Water Park: Entry fee, timing, location

Shanku’s Water Park isn’t merely a hotspot for aquatic fun with loved ones; it’s a hidden gem of a 5-star resort nestled in Amipura, just a short drive from Ahmedabad. Offering everything from thrilling rides to serene poolside lounging, it’s a veritable haven for a memorable weekend getaway. To ensure a seamless visit, be sure to reach out to the resort and secure your tickets in advance.

50. Maniar’s Wonderland

Maniar's Wonderland, Ahmedabad | Timings, Entry Fee, Photos | Holidify

Experience an adrenaline rush at Ahmedabad’s trendiest amusement park or immerse yourself in the enchanting snowpark for a refreshing weekend escape. It’s a hotspot for families seeking exciting activities with children in tow. For those planning a trip and eager to make the most of their time in Ahmedabad, booking tickets in advance is key. Spend less time waiting in line and more time enjoying thrilling adventures and unforgettable moments in the city.

51. One Tree Hill Garden

One Tree Hill Garden, Ahmedabad (2024) - Images, Timings | Holidify

Nestled in a serene corner of the city, this lakeside park offers a tranquil haven for those seeking moments of serenity amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life. Travelers can leisurely wander through the garden in the evenings, immersing themselves in the local ambiance, indulging in delectable street food just outside the gates, and capturing the beauty of nature through photography to share on social media platforms like Instagram.

52. Bansidhar Garden

10 Gorgeous Gardens in Ahmedabad | Timings, Tickets

Bansidhar Garden stands as yet another beloved green sanctuary in Ahmedabad, drawing in a diverse crowd of travelers, locals, and yoga aficionados who can often be seen basking in serene meditation sessions on its lush lawns. A leisurely stroll around the park reveals its tranquil beauty, while indulging in local ice cream from nearby carts adds a touch of sweetness to your day. Don’t forget to capture the vibrant blooms through your lens for a truly relaxing experience.

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