Top 25 Best Places To Visit In Mount Abu In 2024

April 30, 2024

Places To Visit In Mount Abu : Nestled amidst the expansive desert and arid plains of Rajasthan, Mount Abu stands out as the lone hill station in the region. Situated in the Aravalli Mountain range at the border of Rajasthan and Gujarat, it holds a special place as both a pilgrimage site and a popular tourist destination. Its unique charm stems from its natural beauty, strategic location, and the plethora of attractions that make Mount Abu a must-visit place.

1. Dilwara Jain Temples

The interiors of a Dilwara Jain Temple in Mount Abu

The Dilwara Jain Temples in Mount Abu showcase exquisite marble artwork, intricate ornamental carvings, impeccable stone laying techniques, and elegant sculptures that are bound to captivate anyone who visits. Dating back to the 11th and 13th centuries AD, this temple complex comprises five Jain temples: Vimal Vasahi, Luna Vasahi, Pithalhar, Khartar Vasahi, and Mahavir Swami. Their distinctive architecture and enchanting design make them a top attraction in Mount Abu, appealing not only to tourists but also to pilgrims seeking a spiritually enriching experience.

2. Nakki Lake

A man rowing a boat in Nakki Lake in Mount Abu

Legend has it that the divine hands of the gods crafted Nakki Lake, where the crystal-clear blue waters transform into breathtaking hues mirroring the ever-changing sky. This lake holds profound significance in Mount Abu as it is where Mahatma Gandhi’s ashes were immersed, adding to its sacred aura. Surrounded by a plethora of dining options catering to diverse tastes, Nakki Lake stands out as a must-visit destination in Mount Abu, offering a blend of natural beauty, spiritual resonance, and culinary delights that should not be missed.

3. Peace Park

The serene and peaceful atmosphere of Peace Park, among the best tourist places in Mount Abu

Set within the tranquil realm of the Brahma Kumaris spiritual retreat, Peace Park stands as a sanctuary for those seeking respite from the bustle of city life. It ranks among Mount Abu’s must-visit destinations, drawing people who yearn for a serene environment to unwind and engage in meditation. Beyond meditation, the park offers a wealth of activities amidst its natural splendor. Exploring the park through a guided tour is highly recommended to fully embrace its essence and not miss out on its serene charm.

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4. Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary

A leopard in Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary

Within this subtropical haven thrive leopards, formidable predators of the feline world, amidst a rich tapestry of flora and fauna. The verdant landscape spans from sub-tropical thorn forests in the lower reaches to subtropical evergreen forests at higher altitudes, providing a diverse habitat for a multitude of rare and endangered animal species, alongside approximately 250 bird species. The Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary, with its abundant natural wonders and captivating wildlife, stands as one of Mount Abu’s premier tourist destinations, beckoning visitors to explore its vibrant biodiversity.

5. Guru Shikhar Peak

Guru Shikhar Tourism (Mount Abu) (2024) - A Complete Travel Guide

Tucked within the Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary, Guru Shikhar Peak reigns as the loftiest summit not only in Mount Abu but across the entire Aravalli Mountain Range. Its lofty heights afford sweeping, awe-inspiring views of the surrounding landscapes, making it a beloved destination for tourists in Mount Abu. Moreover, visitors can explore the renowned Guru Dattatreya temple located here, revered as an embodiment of the Hindu trinity: Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva merged into one divine entity.

6. Sunset Point

The view from Sunset Point, among the prominent places to visit in Mount Abu

For couples seeking a romantic retreat in Mount Abu, Sunset Point stands out as the ultimate destination, offering a serene and peaceful ambiance. True to its name, this attraction is renowned for its spectacular sunset vistas, painting the sky with dazzling hues. Visitors can choose to stroll or opt for a horse ride to reach this picturesque spot. It’s an ideal location for those desiring a tranquil evening amid lush surroundings, witnessing nature’s breathtaking display as the sun sets beyond the rolling hills.

7. Abu Road

The glorious views of the Banas River near Abu Road

Mount Abu is brimming with delightful places to explore, and among them is the charming town of Abu Road. Nestled near the picturesque Banas River, Abu Road is primarily known for its railway station set amidst breathtaking scenery. This locale is home to several temples steeped in Hindu mythology, showcasing magnificent Indian architecture that attracts pilgrims seeking spiritual solace. The Banas River itself serves as a wonderful picnic spot, drawing both locals and tourists with its scenic allure, making Abu Road a top choice for pilgrimage and leisurely outings in Mount Abu.

8. Achalgarh Fort

The ruined reminiscent of Achalgarh Fort amidst lush greenery in Mount Abu

Achalgarh, initially constructed by the rulers of the Paramara Dynasty and later restored by Maharana Kumbha of the Mewar Kingdom, stands today as a captivating relic of a bygone era—a once grand fort and ancient kingdom now in ruins. This historical site holds a prominent spot among Mount Abu’s must-visit destinations, primarily due to its ancient temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, known as the Achaleshwar Mahadeva Temple. The fort’s commanding location offers breathtaking vistas of the city and surrounding hills, adding to its allure.

The impressive architecture of Achalgarh Fort includes two monumental towers made of grey granite that serve as a striking entrance feature. The temple itself boasts remarkable elements like a massive foot impression of Lord Shiva, a brass statue of the sacred cow Nandi, and three buffalo sculptures near the pond. These architectural marvels draw crowds of tourists from all corners of the globe, each year, to marvel at the rich history and intricate craftsmanship of this ancient site.

9. Trevor’s Tank

A crocodile sunbathing in Trevor’s Tank Crocodile Park in Mount Abu

While initially designed as a man-made crocodile breeding spot near Mount Abu, Trevor’s Tank, also known as Trevor’s Crocodile Park, offers much more than its primary purpose suggests. The lush green surroundings and invigorating fresh atmosphere of the park create an immersive experience that transcends its origins.

Beyond its crocodile inhabitants, Trevor’s Tank is also home to a variety of other animals, although the crocodiles remain the focal point of the park. Moreover, it serves as a haven for avid birdwatchers, adding to its appeal as a nature lover’s paradise.

Overall, Trevor’s Tank stands out among the pristine tourist spots in Mount Abu, catering to a diverse range of visitors, from those seeking tranquility to nature enthusiasts and photographers eager to capture the beauty of this unique sanctuary.

10. Toad Rock

The famous Toad Rock in Mount Abu

Nestled beside Nakki Lake lies a captivating spot to discover in Mount Abu. Toad Rock, an exceptional rock formation shaped like a toad, draws numerous inquisitive visitors due to its peculiar appearance and stunning setting. Scaling this rock is simple, offering a perch to admire breathtaking views of Nakki Lake and the scenic cityscape beyond. It stands out as a compelling attraction in Mount Abu that captivates the attention of every tourist.

11. Sri Raghunath Temple

About Raghunath Temple Mount Abu, History, Location, Things To Do

For a serene and spiritually enriching experience, a visit to Sri Raghunath Temple is highly recommended in Mount Abu. Situated close to Nakki Lake, this temple dates back to the 14th century and is dedicated to Sri Raghunath Ji, regarded as the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Besides its religious significance, the temple’s architecture is a draw for tourists. Whether you’re exploring Toad Rock or enjoying Nakki Lake, don’t miss the opportunity to visit this sacred site—it’s truly one of the top destinations in Mount Abu.

12. Honeymoon Point

mount abu honeymoon point

With its name alone, it’s clear that Honeymoon Point is among Mount Abu’s most enchanting spots for romantic getaways. Being a small hill station, all the tourist attractions are conveniently close by. For a breathtaking sunset experience with your loved one from a mountain peak, head to Mount Abu Honeymoon Point at least half an hour before sunset. The scenic beauty and refreshing breezes are sure to create memorable moments. The journey to Honeymoon Point involves a 2-kilometer hike, so be ready; pack water and snacks for the trek. It’s undeniably one of the most captivating tourist spots in Mount Abu.

13. Tibetan Market

tibetan market in mount abu

Whether or not you have a passion for shopping, there’s an undeniable charm in exploring a Tibetan market during a hill station getaway. The market in Mount Abu is a lively blend of street vendors and specialty shops, offering everything from trendy clothing to beautiful costume jewelry. It’s a haven for shoppers and bargain hunters alike, creating a paradise for those with a love for fashion and deals. Even if shopping isn’t your main agenda, strolling through this market during your Mount Abu sightseeing adds a delightful touch to your vacation.

14. Adhar Devi Temple

A place to visit in Mount Abu

Adhar Devi Temple stands as a revered sanctuary in Mount Abu, devoted to the Hindu goddess Durga. Nestled within a cave, reaching this temple involves ascending 365 stairs. However, the effort is rewarded with a serene and spiritually uplifting atmosphere. Moreover, the panoramic view of the verdant hills from the summit adds to the experience. The temple sees a surge in visitors, both worshippers and tourists, during festive periods associated with Goddess Durga, notably during Navratri. It remains one of Mount Abu’s top tourist attractions, drawing people seeking both religious solace and natural beauty.

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15. Universal Peace Hall

A place to visit in Mount Abu

Established in 1983, the Universal Peace Hall is a venue designed for large gatherings. With a seating capacity for approximately 5,000 individuals, it also features an office equipped for simultaneous interpretation in 16 languages. Open to travelers for visits, this hall receives around 8,000 visitors daily. It’s a must-see destination during your Mount Abu sightseeing excursion, offering a unique experience of grandeur and cultural inclusivity.

16. Gaumukh Temple

A place to visit in Mount Abu

Nestled in the picturesque environs of Mount Abu, Gaumukh Temple stands as a significant Hindu sanctuary. Legend has it that the temple was constructed to honor a vow made by Saint Vashishth. It’s said that this site was where the saint performed ritual sacrifices (yagnas) that led to the creation of the four prominent Rajput groups. Within the temple compound, you’ll also discover an Agni-Kund, a tank-like structure believed to be the actual site of these ancient rituals.

17. Mt Abu Bazaar

Indulge in a delightful shopping experience at the vibrant markets of Mount Abu, where you can find charming souvenirs to cherish or gift to loved ones back home. Explore places like Kashmiri Cottage Emporium, Piccadilly Plaza, government handicraft emporium, and Khadi Bazar, each offering a unique array of treasures. From exquisite shawls and handlooms to intricate handicrafts, textiles, and nourishing Ayurvedic oils, these markets are a paradise for shoppers seeking authentic and beautiful keepsakes.

18. Arbuda Devi Temple

Adhar Devi Temple, Mount Abu - Arbuda Devi Temple - Holidify

Arbuda Devi Temple stands out as a renowned highlight in Mount Abu, situated within a cave complex that requires ascending 365 steps carved into the mountain. Dedicated to Goddess Durga, this temple holds great significance for devotees and is a popular pilgrimage site and tourist attraction. It particularly draws a significant crowd during the festive season of Navratri, adding to its allure as a must-visit destination for spiritual seekers and travelers alike.

19. Brahma Kumaris Spiritual University

The Brahma Kumaris Spiritual University in Mount Abu is a significant institution that serves as a gateway to spiritual exploration for numerous devotees and seekers. It offers insights into Hindu culture, traditions, and the concept of the afterlife, guiding individuals on a path of spiritual regeneration. Visitors can engage in activities like attending lectures, practicing meditation, and exploring the relationship between the body and soul. A stroll through the campus allows one to soak in the serene atmosphere and positive energy, making it a valuable experience for those on a spiritual quest.

20. Sirohi

Sirohi-The City of God – Devnagri

Sitting amidst captivating hill terrain and mountainous vistas, Siranwa Hills in Sirohi, Rajasthan, stands out as a stunning and picturesque city. Its scenic beauty is complemented by numerous forts and temples, making it a cultural and historical gem in the region. Located about 83 kilometers away from Mount Abu, Siranwa Hills is home to several famous temples including Jiraval Temple, Karodi Dhwaj Temple, Madhusudan Temple, Mungthala and Patranarayan Temple, Mirpur Temple, Pavapuri Temple, Sarneshwar Temple, and Vasant Garh Temple, each adding to the city’s rich spiritual heritage.

21. Ranakpur

Ranakpur Jain temple - Wikipedia

Nestled in Desuri Tehsil within the scenic Pali district, Ranakpur is a charming village situated to the west of the Aravalli ranges. This idyllic destination is a haven for nature enthusiasts, boasting lush green landscapes, captivating waterfalls, wildlife sanctuaries, and peaceful surroundings that beckon visitors to extend their stay. Positioned approximately 160 kilometers away from Mount Abu, Ranakpur offers opportunities to explore the Ranakpur Wildlife Sanctuary or indulge in invigorating treks amidst its natural splendor, ensuring a memorable experience for all who visit.

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22. Jessore Sloth Bear Sanctuary

Mount Abu's Sloth Bears Tread on Thin Line | Roundglass Sustain

Nestled 66 kilometers away from Mount Abu, the Jessore Sloth Bear Sanctuary stands as a protected natural reserve within the Jessore hills. Covering an expansive area of 180 square kilometers, this sanctuary is a habitat to a diverse range of wildlife including civet cats, wild boar, striped foxes, and hyenas, among others.

23. Nathdwara

Nathdwara Tourism (Rajasthan) (2024) - A Complete Travel Guide

Nestled along the Banas River, Nathdwara is renowned for its ancient temples, most notably the Nathdwara Shrinathji Temple dedicated to Lord Shrinath Ji and Lord Krishna. The name “Nathdwara” translates to “The Gateway to Lord Shrinath,” emphasizing its spiritual significance. In addition to its religious heritage, Nathdwara is celebrated for its traditional Rajasthani Pichwai paintings, showcasing intricate artistry and cultural richness.

24. Jawai

Best Places to Visit in Jawai, Top Tourist Attractions

Situated 128 kilometers from Mount Abu, this village rests serenely along the banks of the Jawai River, drawing tourists to its scenic allure and cultural landmarks. Among its attractions is Jawai Dham, a site of significance and interest for visitors. The village is also home to several revered temples including the Kambeshwar Mahadev Temple, the Abhinav Mahavir Dham, and the Dev Giri Temple, adding to its spiritual ambiance. Furthermore, it serves as a vital habitat for migratory birds, with around 100 species flocking here during the winter months, making it a haven for bird enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.

25. Ambaji Temple


Ambaji Temple stands as a renowned destination near Mount Abu, revered as one of the significant Shakti Peethas globally. Devoted to Arasuri Amba, an embodiment of Goddess Durga, this temple holds immense spiritual importance. What sets it apart is the absence of a central idol for worship. Instead, the temple complex boasts numerous shrines dedicated to deities like Ambikeshwar Mahadev, Varahi Mata, Ganapati, Khodiyar Mata, Hanuman, and Ajayar Mata, creating a divine atmosphere rich in religious diversity and devotion.

Places To Visit In Mount Abu : With so many incredible spots to explore in Mount Abu, which one catches your interest the most for a visit? Drop your choice in the comments or reach out to us to plan an amazing Rajasthan trip tailored just for you. If you’ve already had the pleasure of discovering this Rajasthan gem, we’d love to hear about your experiences and insights to assist fellow travelers in their journey. Your input can make a world of difference in shaping memorable travel experiences!

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