Top 17 Best Places To Visit In Thailand

April 16, 2024

Places To Visit In Thailand : Thailand, with its rich history stretching back centuries and its vibrant and welcoming culture, invites travelers to explore its white sandy beaches, lively cities, and globally acclaimed culinary delights. Amidst this wealth of experiences, deciding where to start your journey can be daunting. Skysafar Tourism has carefully evaluated attractions, seasonal highlights, food choices, and more to pinpoint the top destinations to explore in Thailand.

1. Chiang Mai

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Escape the hustle and bustle of Bangkok by heading to Chiang Mai in northern Thailand, where tranquility meets natural beauty. Discover picturesque mountain landscapes and delve into the historical charm of the Old City, home to iconic temples like Wat Phra Singh and Wat Chedi Luang. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore beyond the city limits at Doi Suthep temple, offering panoramic views of the surrounding area. Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of Chiang Mai’s Night Bazaar, a must-visit spot renowned for its diverse offerings. And for a truly unforgettable experience, make time for a visit to Elephant Nature Park to connect with Thailand’s majestic elephants in a serene setting.

2. Bangkok

Bangkok - What you need to know before you go – Go Guides

Get ready for an exhilarating experience in Thailand’s vibrant capital city. Bangkok offers a captivating blend of modernity and tradition, showcasing iconic attractions like the Jim Thompson House amid ancient wonders such as Wat Arun, Wat Pho, and the Grand Palace. Remember to dress modestly when visiting sacred sites to ensure entry. Indulge in the sensory delights of the Chatuchak Weekend Market, renowned as one of the globe’s largest street markets, and savor the flavors of Bangkok’s vast array of street food, including some Michelin-starred gems among its 300,000 stalls. As night falls, immerse yourself in the city’s skyline by discovering its lively rooftop bar scene.

3. Phuket

Phuket Tourism (2024): All You Need to Know Before You Go

Phuket stands as Thailand’s largest and most sought-after island destination among travelers. Its allure lies in the abundance of palm-fringed beaches and affordable travel expenses spanning from dining to accommodations. Whether you’re lounging at the acclaimed Patong Beach, reveling in the vibrant nightlife of the Patong district, or delving into the local culture at Phuket Old Town for budget-friendly lodging choices, there’s something for everyone. Enhance your unforgettable journey with a long-tail boat excursion to neighboring islands, offering opportunities for swimming, snorkeling, or scuba diving adventures.

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4. Ko Samui

Koh Samui Thailand Tourism (2024) Travel Guide Top Places | Holidify

Ko Samui, an island paradise, is a haven for luxury travelers, party enthusiasts, and beach lovers alike. Its collection of five-star resorts, vibrant nightlife scenes, and stunning beaches cater to diverse tastes. Beyond sunbathing on its pristine shores, indulge in spa indulgences, interact with gentle giants at an elephant sanctuary, or delve into the island’s cultural heritage by visiting ancient temples such as Wat Plai Laem and the famed Big Buddha Temple, Wat Phra Yai. Plan a day trip to Ang Thong Marine Park, a breathtaking 42-island cluster reachable by speedboat, where adventure-seekers can engage in activities like kayaking, snorkeling, and scuba diving amid mesmerizing marine landscapes.

5. Phang Nga

Phang Nga Bay Holidays & Tours 2024/2025 | Abercrombie & Kent

Despite the tragic impact of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, Phang Nga has successfully rebounded and reconstructed itself. The province experiences a surge of tourists during the cool, albeit still warm, dry season from November to February. Visitors flock to explore protected areas like Mu Ko Surin National Park, renowned as one of Thailand’s premier diving destinations. Embark on hiking trails or indulge in snorkeling adventures to immerse yourself in the natural splendor of southern Thailand. Before concluding your trip, make sure to allocate time for a memorable visit to Ao Phang-Nga National Park, famous for its enchanting caves, emerald green waters, and the iconic James Bond Island, creating a picture-perfect experience.

6. Railay Beach

Beaches in Railay & Things to do 2023 - Chase for Adventure

Railay Beach presents four distinct and breathtaking sandy havens awaiting your exploration. Railay West and Phra Nang Beach stand out as premier destinations on the peninsula, boasting luxurious resorts, fine sands, and spectacular vistas of limestone cliffs. For a tranquil and budget-friendly experience, Tonsai Beach offers a more relaxed atmosphere due to its secluded location. On the other hand, Railay East, although not ideal for swimming, is a hub for vibrant nightlife venues. Whichever beach you opt for, you’ll have the opportunity to access Thailand’s top rock climbing spots, scenic walking trails, and vibrant coral reefs, ensuring a memorable and diverse coastal experience.

7. Trang

Trang, Thailand: Best Islands of Trang Archipelago! - PlacesofJuma

Trang has emerged as a sought-after travel hotspot thanks to its secluded beaches and picturesque islands. The striking natural scenery, with lush jungles and limestone formations, creates a stunning backdrop against the white sandy beaches and clear waters. Island-hopping is a popular activity here, allowing visitors to explore the diverse offerings of Trang. Dive into the underwater wonders while snorkeling around Ko Kradan, uncover hidden beach caves on Ko Muk, or take a leisurely stroll through Thung Khai Botanical Garden. Once you’ve soaked up the sun and sea, delve into Thai culture by venturing into one of Trang’s ten districts, where authentic experiences await.

8. Ko Phi Phi

Discover Ko Phi Phi: Your Ultimate Guide to Thailand's Island Paradise » Agoda: See The World For Less

Ko Phi Phi is renowned for housing some of Thailand’s most renowned beaches. The larger island, Phi Phi Don, is famous for its vibrant party atmosphere, secluded coves, and extensive coral reefs perfect for snorkeling and diving enthusiasts. On the other hand, the smaller and uninhabited Phi Phi Leh boasts lush cliffs embracing the scenic Maya Bay, famously featured in the movie “The Beach” starring Leonardo DiCaprio. The optimal time to visit is from November to April, though expect large crowds due to the popularity of the destination during this period.

9. Chiang Rai

10 Weird & Wonderful Things to Do in Chiang Rai, Thailand

Nestled in northern Thailand, Chiang Rai beckons with its myriad attractions. While landmarks like Wat Rong Suea Ten (The Blue Temple) and Wat Phra Kaeo (Temple of the Emerald Buddha) stand as cultural gems, don’t miss the chance to marvel at Chiang Rai’s iconic all-white temple, Wat Rong Khun. Beyond architectural wonders, embark on a serene boat tour along the Mae Kok River, indulge in shopping delights at the Chiang Rai Night Bazaar, or immerse yourself in the captivating Baan Dam Museum, showcasing the artistic brilliance of Thawan Duchanee through a collection of unique buildings.

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10. Kanchanaburi Province

13 Amazing Things to do in Kanchanaburi Province - The Lost Passport

The third-largest province in Thailand is a haven for nature enthusiasts, boasting a captivating array of natural wonders. Its diverse landscape encompasses seven-tiered waterfalls, meandering rivers, majestic mountains, Neolithic caves, and expansive national parks, offering endless opportunities for outdoor adventures such as hiking and rafting. For history buffs, exploring the region’s World War II sites is a must-do experience, highlighted by the infamous Bridge over the River Kwai. Begin your historical journey at the interactive Thailand-Burma Railway Centre, which vividly narrates the tragic tale of the railway’s construction. Then, visit the JEATH War Museum to glimpse a replica of a prisoners-of-war camp, gaining insight into the wartime hardships endured in this region.

11. Khao Sok National Park

Khao Sok National Park in Surat Thani Province |

Even for those not typically inclined towards outdoor adventures, a journey to Khao Sok National Park promises to be a mesmerizing experience. This park is a treasure trove of limestone cliffs, breathtaking waterfalls, and the world’s oldest continuously green rainforest, showcasing an incredible biodiversity. Exploring Khao Sok unveils around 200 varieties of flora and a rich array of wildlife, including tigers, elephants, and Southern pig-tailed macaques. As the park receives substantial rainfall throughout the year, planning your visit during the dry season from December to April ensures a better chance of enjoying drier conditions and a more comfortable experience.

12. Lampang

Visit Lampang Province: Best of Lampang Province Travel 2024 | Expedia Tourism

Immerse yourself in a vacation filled with cultural delights by visiting Lampang. Nestled approximately 70 miles southeast of Chiang Mai, Lampang charms visitors with its iconic horse-drawn carriages, delectable Thai cuisine, and splendid temples like the ancient Wat Phrathat Lampang Luang. Explore the vibrant Kad Kong Ta, transforming into a bustling street market on weekends, ideal for souvenir hunting. Delve into the art of crafting chicken bowls at the Dhanabadee Ceramic Museum for an enriching experience. For a unique adventure, venture to Chae Son National Park nearby, where visitors can enjoy boiling eggs in the park’s natural hot springs, creating a memorable and one-of-a-kind experience.

13. Hua Hin District

16 Best Hotels in Hua Hin. Hotel Deals from £7/night - KAYAK

Hua Hin District, a renowned resort destination along the Gulf of Thailand, presents a diverse array of activities to suit every traveler’s preference. From thrilling water parks and lush golf courses to vibrant night markets, there’s no shortage of entertainment. Dive into adventure by riding banana boats along Hua Hin Beach or soaking in panoramic views from atop Khao Takiap hill, though keep an eye out for mischievous wild monkeys. Hua Hin also serves as an excellent base for day trips to spectacular nearby attractions, such as the enchanting Phraya Nakhon Cave and the sprawling Kaeng Krachan National Park, Thailand’s largest national park, both within an accessible distance of less than 40 miles from the city center.

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14. Khao Yai National Park

Khao Yai National Park | KohPlanner

Khao Yai National Park stands out with several remarkable distinctions: it holds the title of Thailand’s oldest and most frequented national park, ranks as the country’s third-largest, and is among mainland Asia’s most extensive unbroken monsoon forests. This captivating park also enjoys the prestigious status of being a UNESCO World Heritage Site, boasting over 30 miles of scenic hiking trails that lead to stunning waterfalls. Note that guides are typically mandatory for most trails to ensure safety and conservation. As you traverse these trails, keep your eyes peeled for Khao Yai’s diverse wildlife, including majestic elephants, elusive sun bears, and various species of vibrant hornbills.

15. Ko Chang

My guide to Koh Chang, Thailand - TRAVELS BY KNUTTE

Ko Chang, known as “Elephant Island” in Thai due to its distinctive elephant-shaped headland, presents a secluded yet captivating alternative to bustling destinations like Phuket. Nestled off Thailand’s west coast, Ko Chang boasts a diverse landscape featuring picturesque coastlines ranging from sandy beaches to rocky shores, charming villages, and a range of accommodation choices. Its lush interior is a haven for nature enthusiasts, offering tropical jungles to explore and enchanting waterfalls to discover. However, it’s worth noting that Ko Chang’s tourism infrastructure is less developed compared to other Thai islands, so reaching this hidden gem may require a bit more effort, but the journey is undoubtedly rewarding.

16. Hat Yai

3D2N Hat Yai Itinerary: Things to Do in Hat Yai

Situated in the southern region of Thailand close to the Malaysian border, Hat Yai serves as a popular transit point for tourists journeying between the two nations. This vibrant city is renowned for its extensive shopping options, including numerous malls, lively night markets, and a distinctive floating market where visitors can buy local delicacies and goods from vendors in small boats along a canal. When not haggling for the best deals, tourists can explore the impressive Phra Maha Chedi Tripob Trimongkol, a temple made entirely of stainless steel. Another must-see attraction in Hat Yai is the towering statue of Phra Buddha Mongkol Maharaj, located within Hat Yai Municipal Park.

17. Udon Thani

Udon Thani Travel Guide - What You Need to Know to Plan a Trip to Udon Thani – Go Guides

For travelers seeking a bustling vacation agenda, this northeastern Thai city is a perfect choice. Begin your exploration with a trip to Wat Phothisomphon, then delve into Udon Thani’s rich Chinese heritage at the Thai-Chinese Cultural Center. Nature enthusiasts will appreciate Udon Thani’s captivating natural attractions like Nong Prachak Public Park and the tranquil Red Lotus Lake. Don’t miss the opportunity to take a day trip to Ban Chiang, a UNESCO World Heritage Site from the Bronze Age and one of Southeast Asia’s foremost prehistoric settlements, while you’re in the area.

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