Top 14 Best Places To Visit in Amritsar

May 14, 2024

Best Places To Visit in Amritsar : As a city located near the border, Amritsar holds significant national importance, hosting the famous Wagah ceremony at the India-Pakistan border every evening. Additionally, Amritsar is home to the magnificent Golden Temple, the holiest site for Sikhs in India. The city also features the historic Jallianwala Bagh, where hundreds of innocent and unarmed Indians were tragically massacred by British Indian Army troops in 1919.

These are just a few of the many incredible attractions in Amritsar. The city is also a paradise for food enthusiasts, offering a diverse array of delicious Punjabi cuisine. Let’s explore the essence of Amritsar and uncover the wonders it offers to visitors.

1. Golden Temple

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The Golden Temple tops this list as the most sacred Gurudwara in India. Also known as Harmandir Sahib, it serves as a central religious site for the Sikh community and warmly welcomes individuals from all faiths and backgrounds. The temple’s architecture is a feast for the eyes, with golden plates adorning the upper floor and dome of the Hari Mandir or Darbar Sahib, the most sacred part of the complex.

The temple grounds feature exquisite marble sculptures and a holy lake known as the ‘Pool of Nectar.’ Additionally, the temple offers langar, or free meals, to all visitors and devotees, boasting the largest free kitchen in the world.

2. Wagah Border

Watch: Beating Retreat at Attari-Wagah border on Independence Day | Latest News India - Hindustan Times

No visit to Amritsar is complete without experiencing the patriotic fervor of the Wagah Border Beating Retreat ceremony. This daily evening event, held at the India-Pakistan border, features soldiers from both nations marching towards the gate as it opens.

During the ceremony, the national flags of both countries are respectfully lowered while the soldiers salute each other. Entry involves a security check, so it’s advisable to arrive an hour early to secure a seat with a good view.

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3. Jallianwala Bagh

Jallianwala entrance of Amritsar massacre pla

Jallianwala Bagh stands as a stark reminder of extreme human brutality, memorializing the massacre of a peaceful gathering by British forces. This historic site has been transformed into a public garden and houses a national memorial managed by the Jallianwala Bagh National Memorial Trust.

A visit to Jallianwala Bagh can be conveniently paired with a trip to the nearby Golden Temple, making it a key destination to explore in Amritsar.

4. Maharaja Ranjit Singh Museum

Independence Day 2022: स्वतंत्रता संग्रामियों की याद दिलाता है लुधियाना का महाराजा रंजीत सिंह वार म्यूजियम - Maharaja Ranjit Singh War Museum of Ludhiana reminds freedom fighters

Maharaja Ranjit Singh, one of Punjab’s most valiant and beloved rulers, made Lahore his capital. In 1802, he incorporated Amritsar into his kingdom and built a two-story palace for his stays in the city. Surrounded by a lush garden, this palace has since been converted into a museum.

Visitors to the museum can gain a deep understanding of Punjab’s most illustrious era during Maharaja Ranjit Singh’s reign.

5. Popular Eateries

Popular eateries - To relish delectable Amritsari cuis

Beyond the Langar Prasad at the Golden Temple, Amritsar is renowned for its legendary cuisine and unique flavors. The city serves up delicious butter-drenched and potato-cauliflower stuffed kulchas, subtly spiced tandoori chicken, incredibly tender shami kebabs, and scrumptious mutton tikkas, along with a variety of other mouth-watering vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes.

Wander through the city’s food streets and outlets to indulge in the exquisite culinary delights Amritsar has to offer.

6. Other City Attraction

Other city attraction - For walking & cycling to

Many travel service providers offer full-day or 3 to 4-hour cultural tours of Amritsar, designed to cover the city’s main attractions in a single day. These tours take you to prominent sites, explaining their history and significance. Be prepared for plenty of walking as you explore various locations. For those who enjoy cycling, pedal tours are also available.

Conducted in groups, these pedal tours provide an excellent opportunity to discover the city’s charm and culture. A knowledgeable tour guide accompanies you, ready to provide any information you may need.

7. Guru Ke Mahal

Gurdawara Guru Ka Mahal Amritsar (History, Facts, Images & Location) - Amritsar Tourism 2023

One of the top attractions in Amritsar, Guru Ka Mahal is located near the Golden Temple, just across the main street known as Guru Bazar. This notable gurudwara was originally constructed as a modest hut in 1573 under the direction of Guru Ram Das Ji, the 4th Sikh Guru. Initially serving as the residence of Sri Guru Ram Das, the founder of Amritsar, it has since been transformed into a gurudwara. Guru Ka Mahal is also renowned for housing the sacred Sikh text, the Guru Granth Sahib. The basement of the mahal features a meditation room where Sikh gurus once meditated and composed sacred hymns.

8. Hall Bazaar

Hall Bazaar, amritsar, India - Top Attractions, Things to Do & Activities in Hall Bazaar

Hall Bazaar is a must-visit destination in Amritsar that you shouldn’t miss. As one of the city’s oldest marketplaces, it draws history enthusiasts and ranks among the busiest shopping hubs in Amritsar. The bazaar offers a wide variety of items, from electronics and books to apparel, jewelry, ornaments, and Chinese lanterns. It is particularly renowned for its traditional Phulkari embroidery and Amritsari juttis. Additionally, the market features the Mughal archway entrance known as Gandhi Gate, adding to its architectural charm. Numerous restaurants are available within the bazaar for visitors to relax and enjoy a meal.

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9. Gurdwara Mata Kaulan

Best Places to Visit in Amritsar | Incredible India

Gurdwara Mata Kaulan, also known as the sacred shrine of Mata Kaulan, is located to the west of the Golden Temple. It’s a must-visit spot in Amritsar. This Gurudwara is named after Bibi Kaulan, a devotee of Guru Har Gobind, whose kirtans are still cherished by the Sikh community. Adjacent to Gurdwara Mata Kaulan is Kaulsar Sarovar, a holy pond where Guru Har Gobind advised devotees to take a dip before proceeding to the Amrit Sarovar. This serene location is perfect for tourists seeking tranquility and a place for meditation.

10. Bibeksar Sahib

Gurdwara Bibeksar Sahib- Finding Tranquility In Amritsar | Incredible India

Bibeksar Sahib is a fascinating spot to visit in Amritsar, especially if you’re looking for solace and tranquility. Nestled along the banks of Bibeksar Sarovar, this place of worship was built by Maharaja Ranjit Singh. It holds significance as the gathering place for followers of the 6th Sikh Guru, Guru Hargobind Singh Ji, which is a major draw for both locals and tourists seeking a peaceful experience.

11. Partition Museum

Partition Museum Amritsar (Entry Fee, Timings, History, Images, Location & Entry ticket cost price) - Amritsar Tourism 2023

Amritsar’s painful history during the British Empire’s rule is well-known to many. The Partition Museum stands as a significant attraction in Amritsar, especially for enthusiasts of history and culture. It holds the distinction of being the world’s first museum dedicated to showcasing the tragic stories of millions affected by the harsh consequences of partition. Developed by the Arts and Cultural Heritage Trust (TAACHT), the museum features a collection of newspaper clippings, photographs, and personal items donated by witnesses of the Partition. Its primary focus is on honoring the victims, survivors, and their enduring legacy.

12. Dukh Bhanjani Ber Tree

Dukh Bhanjani Beri Amritsar (History, Facts, Images & Location) - Amritsar Tourism 2023

The Dukh Bhanjani Ber Tree is a sacred site worth visiting in Amritsar, particularly for those seeking spiritual places. Located within the Golden Temple complex, it holds deep reverence as the most sacred tree in the region. This approximately 400-year-old jujube tree stands on the eastern side of the Amrit Sarovar and is highly revered by Sikhs, with a legendary story attached to it.

Legend has it that Bibi Rajni’s husband, afflicted with leprosy, was miraculously cured after bathing in the pond near the tree. This event led to the tree being named Dukh Bhanjani, which translates to ‘eradicator of suffering.’ Guru Nanak is also said to have meditated and sung Gurbani here in profound devotion to Waheguru.

13. Akal Takht

Akal Takht Amritsar (History, Facts, Images & Location) - Amritsar Tourism 2023

Akal Takht, also known as the Throne of the Immortal, holds significant importance as the highest political institution for Sikhs. It stands out as an intriguing tourist destination in Amritsar. Founded by Guru Hargobind in 1606, it is situated within the Golden Temple complex and is one of the five Takhts of Sikhism. These Takhts serve as seats of authority and power within the Sikh community, with the Akal Takht housing the Jathedar, the highest spokesperson among them.

The Akal Takht symbolizes political sovereignty and justice, providing a platform to address and examine the spiritual and social concerns of Sikhs. It stands as a beacon of Sikh ethos and governance, adding depth and significance to the Golden Temple complex.

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14. Gobindgarh Fort

Gobindgarh Fort Amritsar (Entry Fee, Timings, History, Built by, Images & Location) - Amritsar Tourism 2023

Gobindgarh Fort stands out as one of the most captivating tourist destinations in Amritsar, resonating with the grand narratives of Punjab’s history. This historic fort, built over 257 years ago, has witnessed a rich tapestry of events throughout its existence. Its story spans from the era of the Bhangi Misl to the times of the Indian Army during the British East India Company rule.

Originally named ‘Bhagian da Qilla’ and constructed by Gujar Singh in the 1760s, Gobindgarh Fort has evolved into a living museum that encapsulates Punjab’s history. The fort’s Toshakhana, now a museum, was once used to safeguard the legendary Kohinoor diamond, adding to its allure and historical significance.

Best Places To Visit in Amritsar : Amritsar is like a vibrant tapestry, blending the rich threads of human experiences into a beautiful mosaic. It’s a city steeped in history and culture, offering a delightful experience to every visitor. Consider planning a trip to Amritsar soon and immerse yourself in the wonders of this historical gem!

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