13 Best Things To Do In Almaty, Kazakhstan

March 28, 2024

Best Things To Do In Almaty : Although Kazakhstan might not initially strike you as a top destination, the picturesque and charming city of Almaty is a must-visit. Formerly the capital, Almaty retains its vibrant allure, drawing countless tourists year-round. Whether you’re seeking cozy cafes, captivating museums, or simply exploring solo, Almaty promises warm hospitality and unforgettable experiences, making it an ideal destination for all travelers.

1. Visit Kazakhstan Museum Of Arts

Kazakhstan Museum Of Arts

A standout attraction in Almaty is the Kazakhstan Museum of Arts, renowned for housing the nation’s premier art collection. Featuring a diverse array of Kazakh and Russian artworks, alongside a dedicated space showcasing modern Kazakh handicrafts, the museum provides a rich insight into the cultural and historical tapestry of the city. Whether you’re an avid history enthusiast or simply curious about exploration, a visit to this museum promises to delight and educate alike.

2. Climb Kok-Tobe Hill

Kok-Tobe Hill

For those who relish heights and panoramic vistas, Kok-Tobe Hill beckons. Here, a exhilarating cable car journey transports you from mountainous terrain to sweeping views of picturesque vineyards below. Additionally, the hill boasts a variety of attractions including shops, eateries, a children’s playground, and even a zoo. It’s an ideal destination for a full-day excursion with family and friends, promising unforgettable experiences amidst breathtaking scenery.

3. Explore First Presidentโ€™s Park

First Presidentโ€™s Park

If you appreciate natural splendor and immersing yourself in local culture, this destination is tailor-made for you. Whether you prefer leisurely strolls or lively concerts in the amphitheater, there’s something for everyone to enjoy during a delightful evening here with loved ones. Situated in the southern reaches of the city, the park is enveloped by captivating vistas, providing yet another compelling reason to explore its charms.

4. Dine At Chukotka Bar


For an unparalleled glimpse into Almaty’s nightlife scene, look no further than Chukotka, a renowned hotspot. Hosting some of the most prominent rock bands and DJs, this venue pulsates with vibrant energy. Whether you’re looking to unwind with exceptional drinks or groove to the infectious beats, Chukotka promises an electrifying experience. And fear not about the crowd โ€“ it’s just as trendy and dynamic as the club itself.

5. De-Stress At Arasan Baths

De-Stress At Arasan Baths

Regardless of your familiarity with Soviet society, their affinity for spa and wellness establishments is widely known. The renowned Arasan Baths, nestled near Panfilov Park, epitomize this tradition. Offering a lavish retreat, these baths are the perfect oasis to unwind and replenish your energy after a day of exploration. Whether you’re seeking relaxation or rejuvenation, a visit here ensures a pampering experience that transcends time and culture.

6. Pray At Central Mosque

Central Mosque

Amidst the abundance of mosques in Kazakhstan, the one in Almaty beckons visitors, whether they’re newcomers to the city or seasoned travelers. A visit to this splendid mosque ranks among the top experiences in Almaty, offering a soul-enriching journey. Ensure your attire reflects respect, with headscarves and modest clothing covering arms and legs, to fully appreciate the serene ambiance and spiritual fulfillment it offers during your holiday.

7. Ice Skating

Ice Skating

Certainly one of the premier winter activities in Almaty, ice skating at Medeu is an essential experience for visitors during the colder months. Nestled amidst the mountains just outside the city, this renowned skating rink provides not only a thrilling skating adventure but also showcases breathtaking views of the surrounding natural beauty. It’s an opportunity to immerse yourself in both the exhilaration of skating and the awe-inspiring splendor of the landscape.

8. Take A Photo At Big Almaty Lake

man standing near Almaty lake

A beloved gathering place for locals, the Big Almaty Lake, affectionately known as Bao, is a favorite spot for picnics and leisurely outings. Nestled in the Tien Shan mountains, this lake is a crucial water source for the city’s inhabitants, rendering swimming and close proximity to the water off-limits. Nonetheless, it remains a charming destination for enjoying the sunshine and spending quality time with loved ones in a large group, creating cherished memories amidst the picturesque scenery.

9. Stroll In Zhibek Zholy Pedestrian Street

Zhibek Zholy Pedestrian Street

Amidst the plethora of activities in Almaty, Kazakhstan, there comes a moment when you crave the freedom to explore the city at your own leisurely pace. Enter the Zhibek Zholy Pedestrian Street, a haven for such experiences. Whether it’s day or night, this charming street beckons for a leisurely stroll. Lined with inviting cafes, captivating street performers, and artisanal shops, it pulsates with vibrant energy from dawn till dusk. In essence, there’s an abundance of discoveries awaiting your exploration.

10. Learn Music At Kazakh Museum Of Folk Musical Instruments

Kazakh Museum Of Folk Musical Instruments

Situated within Panfilov Park, this museum stands as a pinnacle of awe-inspiring magnificence. Here, it’s not just about beholding iconic musical instruments; you’ll also encounter a captivating array of traditional Kazakh musical treasures, from wooden harps to bagpipes, delighting the senses. What truly sets this museum apart is the opportunity it offers to delve deeper: visitors can partake in instrument classes, adding an extra layer of enchantment to their museum experience.

11. Take A Ski Lift At Shymbulak Ski Resort

Take A Ski Lift At Shymbulak Ski Resort

Shymbulak Ski Resort boasts three ski lifts, with the highest ascending to an impressive 3200 meters above sea level. If you find yourself torn between skiing during the day and accommodations for the night, fear not โ€“ the resort offers a convenient hotel for your stay. Nestled in the upper reaches of the Medeu Valley, this resort receives abundant snowfall from November to May, ensuring optimal skiing conditions throughout the winter season.

12. Relive Nomadic Past At Huns Ethno Village


For a deep dive into the nomadic heritage of the Kazakh people, venture to the Huns Ethno Village. This ancient mountain settlement is renowned for its horseback riding excursions, along with a plethora of other thrilling activities. Amidst breathtaking mountain vistas, the village teems with traditional Soviet-style structures and Kazakh yurts, transporting visitors to a bygone era. Engage with the friendly locals, who eagerly share insights into Kazakh traditions and customs, enriching your cultural experience in this captivating destination.

13. Celebrate Falcon Hunting Festival


The Falcon Hunting Festival in Kazakhstan embodies the deep-seated emotions and fervor of Kazakh hunters. For these hunters, there’s profound joy in the synergy between their hunting birds and dogs. Operating near Almaty within the Alma-Arasan gorge, the Sunkar nursery specializes in various hunting birds, catering to the diverse preferences of hunters. While eagle hunting historically thrived in central and northern Kazakhstan, this festival celebrates the rich tradition and cultural significance of falconry across the nation.

Best Things To Do In Almaty : The plethora of activities awaiting you in Almaty are both captivating and mesmerizing, leaving you without a single moment of regret. Beyond Almaty, Kazakhstan boasts numerous other breathtaking cities, each offering unique sights and experiences waiting to be discovered. Planning your next trip to Kazakhstan promises to unveil an array of off-the-beaten-path destinations, ensuring an adventure filled with unforgettable memories and surprises at every turn.

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