10 Best Places To Visit In Kerala In Summer

March 22, 2024

Best Places To Visit In Kerala : Summer in Kerala offers a refreshing escape from scorching temperatures, unlike its neighboring states. With a consistently pleasant climate year-round, Kerala stands out as an enticing destination for summer vacations. What sets it apart is its tranquility, devoid of the overwhelming crowds typical of the summer months elsewhere.

Whether you seek a romantic getaway or a family adventure, Kerala has it all. From picturesque hills and lush greenery to diverse wildlife, enchanting backwaters, pristine beaches, delectable cuisine, and ancient temples, this South Indian gem promises an unforgettable holiday experience.

10. Munnar

trip to Munnar

Immersing oneself amidst the enchanting greenery of Munnar unveils a picturesque spectacle unlike any other in Southern India. Renowned as the largest tea-growing expanse in the region, Munnar’s sprawling tea estates paint a surreal panorama reminiscent of a scene from a fairy tale, rendering it a top-notch destination to explore during Kerala’s summer months.

The serene ambiance is adorned with a cool mist draping the undulating hills, gentle clouds drifting lazily, melodious bird songs echoing through the air, and the invigorating fragrance of fresh tea leaves. The labyrinthine pathways winding through the verdant tea plantations complete this idyllic setting, leaving an indelible impression on every

9. Wayanad

visit Wayanad in summer in kerala

For those seeking an exceptional summer getaway in Kerala, Wayanad emerges as a shining gem in the state’s crown. Renowned for its breathtaking sub-tropical landscapes, captivating hills, verdant spice plantations, dense forests, and diverse wildlife, Wayanad is a quintessential choice among Kerala’s summer destinations.

Nestled on the southern edge of the Deccan Plateau, Wayanad stands out as an oasis of tranquility, boasting minimal population and pristine natural beauty. Its rich cultural heritage further enhances its allure, making it an irresistible destination for leisure travelers seeking an authentic and rejuvenating experience.

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8. Thekkady

Thekkady - The Holidays Destination

Thekkady, famed for its iconic Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary, stands as Kerala’s epitome of beauty and charm. Enveloping the breathtaking Periyar Lake and National Park, it emerges as a haven for nature enthusiasts, wildlife aficionados, trekkers, and even honeymooners and families seeking a memorable June vacation in Kerala.

Nestled along the border of Kerala and Tamil Nadu, Thekkady seamlessly melds culture and heritage, yet it’s the mesmerizing natural landscapes and diverse flora and fauna that truly steal the spotlight, making it an irresistible destination for summer tours across Kerala.

7. Bekal

Bekal, Hotels in Bekal, Resorts in Bekal, Bekal Fort, Bekal Beach Resort, Bekal Homestays

Bekal stands out amidst Kerala’s diverse array of attractions, offering a plethora of enchanting sights to behold. However, it’s the iconic keyhole-shaped Bekal Fort, nestled right along the coastline, that captivates countless visitors year after year. This centuries-old fortress, steeped in history, holds a special allure for summer travelers, ranking among Kerala’s most captivating destinations.

Renowned for its warm Keralan hospitality, ancient palaces, serene temples, and pristine beaches, Bekal emerges as a hidden gem within the state, ideal for experiencing Kerala’s inviting climate in May.

For travelers seeking an unforgettable adventure, Bekal presents an enticing blend of historical intrigue, natural splendor, and coastal charm. It’s no wonder why this picturesque town ranks high among Kerala’s top summer destinations.

6. Kumarakom

A many rowing a canoe on the backwaters of Alleppey

Nestled within Kerala’s Kottayam district, Kumarakom emerges as a captivating archipelago, exuding an aura of exoticism and natural splendor. Its myriad islets, adorned with verdant foliage and offering breathtaking vistas, define Kumarakom as a picturesque backwater haven in Kerala. The renowned Vembanad Lake backwaters, initially brought to prominence by Britisher Alfred Baker, boast enchanting gardens and idyllic paddy fields, adding to the allure of this destination.

Beyond leisurely cruises along the tranquil backwaters, travelers are treated to a wealth of attractions in Kumarakom. From immersive experiences in mangrove forests to exploring historical monuments, Kumarakom stands out as an exceptional summer getaway destination in Kerala, promising unforgettable adventures amidst its scenic beauty.

5. Alleppey

A houseboats floating in the backwaters of Alleppey at dusk

Alleppey, with its enchanting network of waterways adorned by charming Kettuvallam houseboats, stands as the epitome of picturesque backwaters in Kerala. The serene ambiance, highlighted by the shimmering amber hues of the backwaters, lush palm canopies, and verdant paddy fields, coupled with the rich tapestry of Keralite culture and luxurious houseboats, has rightfully earned Alleppey its reputation as one of India’s premier honeymoon destinations.

Often referred to as the ‘Venice of the East,’ Alleppey sets the perfect stage for a romantic escapade. Beyond the tranquil backwater cruises, visitors can immerse themselves in the exhilarating atmosphere of the annual Nehru Trophy Boat Race, further cementing Alleppey’s status as one of Kerala’s must-visit destinations during the summer months.

4. Lakkidi

Lakkidi View Point Wayanad (Timings, History, Entry Fee, Images & Information) - Wayanad Tourism 2023

Nestled within Kerala’s Wayanad district, Lakkidi emerges as a quaint yet captivating hill station, offering a refreshing respite from the sweltering heat and humidity of the plains. Despite its relatively lesser-known status, Lakkidi boasts a selection of luxurious resorts, providing travelers with the perfect opportunity to unwind amidst the company of friends and family.

Beyond its leisurely accommodations, Lakkidi is adorned with a plethora of tourist attractions, adding to its allure as one of Kerala’s most thrilling summer destinations. For those yearning to uncover Kerala’s hidden gems while basking in the pleasant summer ambiance amidst panoramic vistas of lush valleys and tranquil hills, Lakkidi beckons as the ultimate destination.

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3. Thrissur

visit Thrissur in kerala in summer

Thrissur stands out as a truly enchanting destination for summer tourism in Kerala, exuding a distinct charm that sets it apart as the most captivating among the state’s 14 districts. The serene atmosphere and gentle breezes of Thrissur make it an ideal choice for a summer retreat, adding to its allure as a prime destination in Kerala.

Distinguished as the cultural hub of Kerala, Thrissur promises an immersive experience amidst unspoiled nature, vibrant festivals like Thrissur Pooram, and iconic attractions such as the Guruvayoor Sree Krishna Temple and the Kerala Kalamandalam.

Adding to the allure of Thrissur are the majestic Athirappilly Falls, cascading from the upper reaches of the Western Ghats, which significantly contribute to the region’s natural beauty and allure.

2. Thiruvananthapuram

visit Thiruvananthapuram in summer in kerala

Thiruvananthapuram, commonly known as Trivandrum, is embraced by the sea on one side and cradled by mountains on the other, creating an irresistibly captivating destination for summer exploration in Kerala. Its diverse topography, from breathtaking beaches to majestic mountains, combined with a wealth of historical monuments, stunning temples, and rich cultural heritage, ensures an unforgettable experience for visitors.

The city’s distinctive charm is further enhanced by the multitude of religious shrines and spiritual centers scattered throughout its landscape, drawing pilgrims from across the nation and adding to its unique ambiance. Thiruvananthapuram truly epitomizes the essence of Kerala’s allure, promising a harmonious blend of natural beauty, cultural richness, and spiritual significance.

1. Varkala

Beaches in Trivandrum

Varkala holds the distinguished title of the nation’s most exotic destination, and rightfully earns it! Its distinctive topography and off-the-beaten-path allure make it a prime pick for couples seeking secluded romantic getaways in Kerala during the summer months. Offering a serene retreat from the hustle and bustle of city life, Varkala enchants visitors with its tranquil beaches, ancient temples, sacred springs, traditional mutts, and numerous certified Yoga centers, ensuring a truly rejuvenating experience amidst its scenic beauty.

Best Places To Visit In Kerala : With an abundance of summer destinations waiting to be discovered in Kerala, the choice of where to spend your upcoming summer holidays is clear! Don’t hesitate any longer – step away from the routine and embark on an exhilarating journey to Kerala with Skysafar today! Have additional suggestions for places to visit in Kerala during June, July, or May? Share them in the comments section below!


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